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About us

Oskar Lindberg – Rentouden taito (“The Art of Relaxation”)
Janne Nieminen – Kehon tieto (“The Wisdom of the Body”)

We’re both qualified massage therapists with also many years of experience working at a desk job in an office environment. We have first-hand experience of the demands and stresses that an office job puts on the body.

We both became interested in bodywork through our many years of traditional Chinese martial arts practice. The term “gongfu” or “kungfu” (chinese 功夫 – gōngfu) can be translated as “skill achieved through great effort” and it can be used to describe any highly-developed skill that has been achieved through patient, hard and persistent work. We approach our work and development of our bodywork skills with this idea of gongfu in mind.

Our aim is to help the client to reach overall well-being and balance. Everyone is in a unique situation that we will take into account in the treatment. Usually a person comes to have a massage to have aching, tensed muscles relaxed, or needing help with a long-standing physical problem, or just to relax. In addition, receiving a massage gives a possibility to listen to your body in a new way and helps in developing body-awareness. Body awareness is the awareness of your own body – how do I feel in and with my body, how is my breathing, where are the tensions and what part is relaxed etc. Having a massage is one way to start paying attention to these sensations. We also want to encourage people to take interest in their own well-being and to find new ways of promoting overall health.


We offer classic massage, sports massage, joint mobilisation treatment and pregnancy massage.

Bookings & Contact

Time bookings through the internet:

https://www.varaaheti.fi/fysioacusa/en/  (Ruskeasuo)
Instructions:  Choose type of booking “Massage” > Select service (Classic massage, Mobility massage, Sport massage) and length > As a worker select Oskar > Select a suitable time for you.

You can also make bookings by contacting us via email or by giving us a call:

Oskar Lindberg
041 462 0599


We are located in Helsinki at these places:

Drala Thang in Ruskeasuo – Koroistentie 6 A


Classic and sports massage
Massage 30 min 35 €
Massage 45 min 49 €
Massage 60 min 65 €
Massage 90 min 95 €

Joint mobilisation treatment
Joint mobilisation treatment 60 min 65 €
Joint mobilisation treatment 90 min 95 €

Massage pass
3 x massage 45 min 135 € (á 45€)
3 x massage 60 min 165 € (á 55€)
3 x massage 90 min 225 € (á 75€)
(valid for 3 months)

5 x massage 45 min 200 € (á 40€)
5 x massage 60 min 250 € (á 50€)
5 x massage 90 min 350 € (á 70€)
(valid for 6 months)