It’s pretty slippery out there right now. We put together some instructions that might help you to stay upright.

1. Don’t tense up – relax!
When stepping on a slippery surface one tends to be afraid of falling down and this usually causes tension in the whole body. Do the opposite – relax. Instead of walking on stilts, how about walking like a cat?

2. Lower your center of gravity (relax into your lower abdomen)
When one tenses up, the body’s center of gravity goes up and it becomes more difficult to keep in balance. Drop your weight and visualise relaxing your whole body weight into your lower abdomen.

3. Bend your knees
You can get rid of the stiffness in your legs by bending your knees a little. It’s easier to stay in balance when you’re not walking on “wooden legs”. Even if you slip, you can still automatically correct your balance.

4. Relax your shoulders
By dropping your shoulders the whole body becomes more relaxed and you’ll also feel more comfortable. Often shoulder aches come from tensing up and lifting the shoulders when it’s slippery outside.

5. Breathe deeply
It’s not possible to breathe deeply when one is tense. Breathing calmly and deeply helps in relaxing the body and the mind and makes it easier to keep your balance.

6. Watch your step
Pay attention to your environment and where you’re stepping and it’ll be easier to avoid any surprises. Stop staring at your phone!

7. Use shoes with soft and even soles and a low profile
Shoes with even soles help you to have a better feel of the ground beneath. You have better contact with the surface and the body has time to react if you slip.

8. Falls are not that scary
When one is relaxed, the body is able to compensate for the loss of balance, even when there is a small slip. In case of a fall, by having your center of gravity lower and staying relaxed you’ll land more softly.

Did you try the instructions? Did they help and were they easy to do in practice? Share your experiences with us!

Eight tips on walking on slippery surfaces